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Gay twinning. Rebel Wilson and fiancee Ramona Agruma went to Universal Studios wearing matching jumpsuits. They say "R&R" clubAlso, Rebel Wilson’s new movie, The Almond and The Seahorse, is gay! (It’s also about memory loss and looks very sad.)

For the film heauxs. 2022’s Sight and Sound poll – which has been ongoing since 1952 and surveys filmmakers and critics – has picked another Greatest Film of All Time. The film in question is Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, from famed lesbian director Chantel Akerman, which beat out last year’s selection of Vertigo. The film itself is not explicitly queer, but feminism and lesbianism feature heavily in Akerman’s work, such as in her self-portrait Je Tu Il Elle. The other big (gay) news from the poll this year was that Céline Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady On Fire has been added to the list, coming in at number 30. Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. came in at number 8.

Who wants a girlfriend? Big news from The White Lotus this week, so if you haven’t watched, close your eyes. Iconic bossy lesbian Valentina finally got laid in the most recent episode thanks to little miss lounge singer, Mia. (Thank you, Mia.) If you’re now obsessed with Valentina like we are, check out this interview with actress Sabrina Impacciatore, who is apparently accepting girlfriend applications. Ladies and theydies – shoot your shot!

Thirst traps for everyone. JoJo Siwa posted a thirst trap as Draco Malfoy on Tik Tok that has got us feeling all sorts of ways. In other news, Kehlani quite literally has the sapphics in a chokehold, as evidenced by this video of her wrapping her hands around this person’s neck at one of her recent shows. Kehlani was also seen dancing with Letitia Wright at her after-party in London. This has us thinking

Other dispatches from the little gay people inside of the internet:

  • Elliot Page’s memoir is called Pageboy (a great title) and it comes out June 6. 

  • Learn about how to jam websites like these ones trying to attack drag shows.

  • Robin gets to kiss his boyfriend on the cover of an upcoming comic.  

  • Read an interview with the inventor of the ‘Gandalf Big Naturals’ meme, who created the image after recovering from top surgery. 

  • All of the top 12 ships on Tumblr this year were gay. Nature is healing. 

  • French pro tennis player Fabien Reboul posted a photo of him kissing another tennis player. 

  • Shopify employees are furious that the company is platforming an anti-LGBT hate group. While the company has a rule against selling items that support groups promoting hate or violence, it allows Libs of TikTok to sell anti-LGBTQ merch like a “Stop Grooming Our Kids” t-shirt. WTF.

  • Want to meet with global activists and US-based advocates for LGBTQ+ rights check out the hybrid conference OutSummit 2022 organized by Outright.

    Looking for a way to make a positive impact on the diverse LGBTQ+ community? Let us introduce you to InReach. InReach is a non-profit organization providing the world’s first tech platform matching LGBTQ+ folx facing discrimination and persecution with safe, verified resources, and they’re currently recruiting new members for their 2023 Junior Board of young professionals (ages 21-40). If you’re interested in supporting their mission and getting access to professional development opportunities, apply here!

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    The little lesbians all around the world queuing up Carol this December