Here’s what you missed in gayland

Grammys, shmammys. If you didn’t watch the Grammys this weekend – good for you. Here’s what you missed in gayland. Kim Petras and Sam Smith won for “Unholy,” and Petras thanked the “incredible transgender legends” who came before her, giving a special shout-out to SOPHIE. Petras correctly noted that she was the first trans person to win that particular award, but she is not the first trans person to win a Grammy. That distinction goes to Wendy Carlos, a pioneer of electronic music who won three Grammys for her 1968 album Switched on Bach.

Meanwhile, lesbian superstar Brandi Carlile took home three Grammys and was introduced by her wife and adorable children. Beyoncé broke the record for most Grammy wins ever with the award for Best Dance/Electronic Album, and she thanked the queer community “for your love, and for inventing the genre.” The biggest upset of the night, of course, was Harry Styles winning over Beyoncé for album of the year. In his speech, Harry claimed that “this doesn’t happen to people like me very often,” which has understandably angered some viewers. From where we’re sitting, it seems like Mr. Styles has lost much of the goodwill he once had from the queer community for being vaguely fruity and “gender non-conforming.”

The afterparty, however, was lit. Hayley Kiyoko and Becca Tilley were there and they hung out with Taylor Swift and Fletcher, and MUNA was there as well. Also, Fletcher gave herself the award for “best nipple performance” and was hanging out with Reneé Rapp on TikTok.

Other dispatches from the little gay people inside of the internet:

  • While chatting on Watch What Happens Live, Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed that there was an actual kiss scene between Daphne and Velma (played by Linda Cardinelli) that was filmed but got cut from the Scooby Doo film. She also noted that Fred, played by her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. always seemed pretty fruity to her. #ReleaseTheKiss.

  • Jodi Balfour posted a throwback photo of her and Abbi Jacobson in Rome.

  • Sarah Paulson did an Architectural Digest video, but it was a tour of her petite beach house rather than the home she lives in with Holland Taylor.

  • Gillian Anderson is soliciting sexual fantasies for a new book project, and she wants all the letters to begin with “Dear Gillian.” We’re not sure if she’s ready for the number of MILF-loving sapphics that are going to write in, or how many people’s sexual fantasies involve her.

  • With the new Sims update, Sims can now have top surgery scars and wear binders, among other things.

  • Someone on Twitter said Janelle Monáe used to dress like the monopoly man, and Janelle was not having it.

Until next time,

All of the fruity men out there who dress better than Harry Styles