Get wrecked, NY Times

Get wrecked, NY Times. Last week, we posted the link to an open letter addressed to the New York Times, signed by the paper’s contributors. The letter presented a strong critique of how the Times has framed and commented on trans issues, especially those concerning youth. We now have an update. In response, the Times then called out the critique, wrongly naming those who signed the letter as activists (rather than contributors) and coxanflating their letter with one sent by GLAAD. The signatories then published another letter fact-checking the erroneous conflation. Then, this Tuesday, a number of prominent Times reporters A careless (and similarly un-fact-checked) response was then published in New York Magazine. Then, this Tuesday, a number of prominent Times reporters (not the aforementioned contributors) wrote an angry letter to the Guild, saying that they are journalists and not activists, but simultaneously continuing to frame those who wrote the original letter as activists. Logic has left the building.

For further (and well-reasoned) discussion on the topic, read Jack Mirkinson in The Nation, who writes about how this issue eerily parallels the AIDS crisis and the Times’ negligent coverage during the period. Finally, hear from Chase Strangio about what’s really at stake here and why sensitive, accurate reporting is so important.

Angela Bassett did the thing. In brighter news, queer theater kid Ariana DeBose has truly broken the internet’s collective brain with her “rap” at the BAFTAs on Sunday night. Clad in a bright pink jumpsuit, DeBose flounced about the stage name-dropping the women nominated that evening and announcing what she loves about them. For example: “Michelle [Yeoh] I loved you from the start,” “Viola Davis is my woman king,” and “Jamie Lee – you are all of us!” We have no idea what that last part means. Many viewers noticed how noticeably out of breath DeBose sounded (despite her formal training), but the whole thing is just bizarre and basically impossible to look away from. It’s now being reported that there was a “backlash” to the performance, which is such a mischaracterization of the response. We all just like to have a laugh! Please raise your hand if you haven’t been able to get “Angela Bassett did the thing” out of your head all week.

Happy news all around. We’ve recently received word that Rebel Wilson has gotten engaged to her girlfriend, entrepreneur (?) Ramona Agruma. They got engaged at Disneyland wearing matching pink sweaters with hearts on them (presumably the engagement happened on Valentine’s day?) When Rebel said she had found her Disney Princess, she really wasn’t lying. In other news, rapper Da Brat has announced that she is pregnant with her first child at the age of 48. Check out the photos of Da Brat and her wife, Jesseca "Judy" Harris-Dupart, in People Magazine.

Other dispatches from the little gay people inside of the internet:

  • Mae Martin’s comedy special, which was directed by Abbi Jacobson, will premiere on March 28 on Netflix.

  • It turns out there was a lesbian couple on the Titanic, according to historian and archivist queerloveinhistory. And yes, they survived!

  • Cate Blanchett told Vanity Fair she’s baffled by labels and wonders if she would have been “given permission” to play Carol today. Someone please throw a relevant book at her.

  • The USWNT showed their support for trans people at a recent match.

  • The Last of Us’s Bella Ramsey wants people to stop calling her a “powerful young woman.”

  • Check out this photo of Brittney Griner grinning now that she’s back on the court.

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Angela Bassett doing the thing

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