Who on earth is Eileen?

Nicole, here. GayJoy's founder. If you are new here, welcome. Was amazing to see some of you at our recent GayJoy x Raw Honey event at Ace Hotel BK. Hopefully more where that came from <3 free events & free drinks. Here are pics from the event, I've included a few teasers below. All pics by the iconic Marissa Fortungo.

I am also very proud to share my interview with Gabrielle Hitchens, the iconic founder of Raw Honey. For those just clueing in Raw Honey is a destination for all things queer, culture, and QTBIPOC community. There is a lot to know about Gabrielle so go read the interview but I wanted to highlight one thing. I asked Gabrielle how the white queer community can show up as allies for her in this moment. Here is her response: "I like that question because I don't want it to seem like I am not welcoming or supportive of allies because I've had really great relationships and opportunities come from allies. Honestly, I wouldn't be where I am today, in my career and with Raw Honey, without the support of allies giving me spaces or resources. I think the biggest way allies can show up is through resources and connections. Whether it be partnerships, introductions, access to venues etc. I'm still new to New York so this would go a long way!" Feel free to dm Raw Honey if you have any leads on resources.

Now for the digest....

Queering this space. Kehlani was a featured guest on Chicken Shop Date, and things got saucy. Chicken shop girl (aka Amelie Dimoldenberg) asked Kehlani what a “stud” was, and Kehlani answered. Kehlani flirted incessantly and also revealed that she officially realized she was a lesbian after reading the “Am I a Lesbian?” masterdoc. Celebs – they’re just like us! She also revealed that she was recently at a concert and forgot the words to her own song because someone in the audience flashed her and she got distracted by boobs. Also, Kehlani may have confirmed that Letitia Wright is indeed One Of Us.

Someone doesn’t know when to quit. For some reason, Todrick Hall, the entertainer who famously doesn’t pay his dancers, decided to address the recent controversy of the new reality show Real Friends of WeHo, in which he stars. He posted several hand-written (??) notes in which he criticizes viewers for hating on this show because its important “representation.” He also posted a suspiciously-worded note about how he has never not paid his dancers. As if our eyes weren’t already strained from reading, he then posted another note after the premiere, pushing back against people saying they don’t care to see a group of privileged gays on TV. He responded by pointing out that there are “real issues happening for gay and trans people right now” – even though there are no trans people on the show – and noting that gay men actually make more money on average than straight men, which means they (he) deserves to be on TV, or something.

Who on earth is Eileen? There’s a new sapphic film that has queers everywhere in a frenzy. Eileen, based on the Ottessa Moshfegh novel of the same name, just premiered at Sundance this week. The film stars Anne Hathaway and Thomasin McKenzie, and Hathaway described the film as “Carol meets Reservoir Dogs.” This obviously has thirsty sapphics chomping at the bit, and MILF-lovers everywhere are thrilled to welcome Anne Hathaway into the MILF pantheon. But we’re also getting conflicting reports about the movie (festival viewers are famously hyperbolic in their assessments), as Autostraddle’s Shelli Nicole described the film as “not as dykey as you think it is.” We’re waiting for a screener to be delivered to our doorstep so we can decide for ourselves.

Other dispatches from the little gay people inside of the internet:

  • Aubrey Plaza made out with Chloe Fineman in an SNL promo and played MILF-hunter in an Avatar skit. Also, Kim Petras hid under Sam Smith’s dress for two minutes during their performance, and then Sam Smith brought out Sharon Stone for their second song.

  • Zolita has released a music video for her song “Ashley.”

  • The trailer for Shamim Sarif’s new film Polarized has just premiered. The plot description is: “When a White farm worker gets fired for racism by her Palestinian boss, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with her.” We have a lot of questions.

  • Tig Notaro posted an adorable selfie from the set of The Morning Show where she’s dressed like an old man.

  • Watch the trailer for Harley Quinn’s R-rated Valentine’s Day Special. If you haven’t watched the entire series yet, this is your reminder to do so.

  • Stephanie Hsu from Everything Everywhere All At Once has become one of the first openly queer actors to be nominated for an Oscar for a queer role.

  • JoJo Siwa may be swearing in a new lesbian Tik Tok influencer, according to Gawker.

  • Instagram might change its nudity policy to better include trans and non-binary people. Remember “female-presenting nipples?”

  • There is now a lesbian lumberjack on Tik Tok.

Until next time,

That 28-year-old who self-indefinites as a MILF because she goes to pilates and takes brisk morning walks